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Specially Formulated to be completely Natural with no added colours or fragrances. Contains Raw Tea Tree Oil and 100% Vitamin E with a pinch of Himalayan Salt and a blast of peppermint oil. Perfectly designed to not only speed up the healing rate of your piercings but can be used to repair problematic piercings even after a period of time.

exceptionally good for the piercings / tattoos / or irratations in more private areas.

we recommend a 30 mins+ soaking in the bath with 1 to 2 bombs followed by 2 weeks use of the afterpierce foam for particular troublesome problems.


Sodium Bicarbonate 50 - 75
Citric Acid 25 - 50
Sodium Chloride 5 - 10
Aqua 1 - 5
Triticum Vulgare Germ Oil 0.1 – 1
Melaleuca Alternifolia Oil 0.12
Mentha Piperita Oil 0.12
Tocopherol <0.1

The Healing Bath Bomb

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